Skype Reveals Its New Rebuilt UI

In its latest blog post, Skype just outlined a major UI rebuilt in its latest coming appearance, with focus on the “call stage” or the screen where call participants can see each other. Chats can be customized with themes, accented by color gradients.

Skype says it’s “designed the most beautiful call stage in the world” with new layouts, themes, and features. Skype aimed to modernize the look and feel of Skype while still remaining familiar to its longtime users. It also talks about making the user more inclusive in the call stage.

Skype’s ‘Meet Now’ lets you start a video call with anyone who doesn’t have a Skype account. The Meet Now lobby has been updated with less clutter and improved ease of use.

Themes are coming to chat windows too. Chats can be customized with different colors which can be set to individual chats.


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