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BBA’s “I Was Threatened To Shut Up” Tayo Faniran Slams Organizers Of Big Brother Africa

Big Brother Africa star Tayo Faniran has called out organizers of the show seven years after his appearance on the prestigious reality TV show.

The reality TV star, took to his social media page to rant alleging that he was cheated out of winning the show and the organizers forced him to pipe down.

He revealed that he has names and events to back up his statement as the media was introduced to the show to cover up his tears. He asked for an explanation noting that he doesn’t want his career in the industry threatened but for the past 7 years he’s constantly heard from people that he got robbed of his rightful position.

According to him, after the night of the incident, he has struggled to get back up because a part of him was damaged and bruised because of their actions. 

Tayo Faniran took part in the 9th and final season of Big Brother Africa. He was the runner-up, while Tanzanian actor Idris Sultan emerged as the winner.

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