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Burna Boy Responds to Criticism on His New Looks

Nigerian singer and rapper, Burna Boy has shared his response to some of the fans who criticized his recent decision to shave off his trademark beards.

Burna Boy revealed that he doesn’t want anyone to love him for superficial things like money or his trademark beards or dreadlocks. He shared this via his Instagram story on Sunday, the 24th of October 2021.

Burna Boy’s trademark look has always been a full lock of hair along with his full beards.

Burna Boy

This is what he has always been easily recognized by. Although he did not cut off signature dreadlocks, he still looks quite different without the facial hair and beards on him.

Sharing his response to the recent criticism of his shaved beards via Instagram, Burna Boy threatened to also let go of the dreadlocks. He wrote;

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