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Davido Donates Huge Funds, To All Nigerian Orphanage’s Home

Popular Nigerian singer Davido aka (Omo Baba Olowo) has once again warmed the hearts of several fans and Nigerians on social media with his cute and kind gesture.

The singer today took to social media to announce that he is donating all the funds he received for his birthday to orphanages across Nigeria.

The singer who received a total of N200 million added the sum of N50 million to the donation and has put together a committee that will be in charge of distributing the funds to the different orphanages across the country.

The 30bg stated in an official statement posted on social media that the committee will compile a list of orphanages across the country, the number of children, their needs and divide the funds accordingly.

He also stated that he intends to do a fundraiser for his birthday every year to help charities in the country and he hopes his friends and colleagues in the industry will support his drive.

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